Credit: Microwave Festival

The Glass Room: Misinformation Community Edition

Tactical Tech


The Glass Room: Misinformation Community Edition is an interactive community engagement exhibition that invites people to think critically and proactively about their relationship with digital technologies. It is a space to reflect, discuss, and debate how technology impacts our daily lives and how we consume information, focusing on misinformation, political influence, and democracy. How can we identify “fake news” and verify information? How does misinformation amplify on social media? How do online profiling and political influence work and affect our decisions? The exhibition takes visitors on an exploration journey through the digital information flows and how they influence us as citizens, voters, and consumers.

The Glass Room: Misinformation Community Edition, developed by Tactical Tech, is available in an easy-accessible, inspiring and creative format, enabling organizations worldwide to host their own local exhibitions. With this innovative and collaborative approach, we empower existing societal networks—libraries, cultural institutions, community centers, maker spaces, and schools across Europe—that are trusted by their own communities.


The Glass Room: Misinformation Community Edition is a Tactical Tech’s project.
Curation, production and research: Tactical Tech
Exhibition design: La Loma
In collaboration with: Density Design Team; DoubleCheck; Deepfake Lab; Hooked

The Glass Room: Misinformation Community Edition was funded by the European Union and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.


Tactical Tech (INT) is an international non-profit organization that, during the last 20 years, has worked at the intersection of technology and society, using art and a design-based approach to promote conversations around technology and its impact on people’s lives. We have pioneered work on demystifying technology and on privacy and digital security questions. Through our collaborative approach, we work with partners and civil society organizations worldwide to build systemic and sustainable capacity and enable them to engage their audiences in critically assessing the impact of technology.