Foto Credit: Studio Roosegaarde, European Space Agency


Studio Roosegaarde


“Space waste is the smog of our universe.”
Daan Roosegaarde

Right now, there are more than 29.000 objects larger than 10 centimeters floating around the earth, apart from the 8.1 million kilos of space waste which endangers our satellite communication, and nobody really knows how to fix it. SPACE WASTE LAB is the multi-year living lab with the European Space Agency and Studio Roosegaarde to capture space waste and upcycle it into sustainable products. The project is accompanied by an education program with more than 2.000 participating students, live performance, and accompanying exhibition.

The SPACE WASTE LAB PERFORMANCE is a unique large-scale outdoor artwork of LEDs and real-time tracking information to visualize space waste above your head on an altitude of 200 to 20.000 kilometers. A real piece of space waste is part of the outside exhibition. Specially designed software and camera technology enables the performance to work, in compliance with strict safety and aviation regulations.

Together with the support of people and organizations like Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers, Franco Ongaro (Director European Space Agency), NASA, and many space experts, Studio Roosegaarde raises awareness regarding this world matter, proposing solutions on how to make a difference and to startup this process.


Design and concept: Studio Roosegaarde
Supporting knowledge partner: European Space Agency

Studio Roosegaarde is a pioneer for the liveability of our future landscape in the global world. Clean air, clean water, clean energy, and now clean space are our new future values. As social design lab, Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde (1979) and his team of designers and engineers connect people and technology to improve daily life in urban environments and spark imagination.