Credit: Atelier 21


Cédric Carles


As one of the projects of Atelier 21, Solar Sound System offers sound systems powered by the sun and bicycles for events, as well as an educative tool to introduce sustainability to the public. Thanks to its design, participants can enjoy music with 100% renewable energy generated speakers, turntables, and sound mixers. Since 2016, Solar Sound System also has their own solar powered radio station, With seven active branches in Lausanne, Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Biarritz, Hong-Kong, and Tel-Aviv, and more than 600 events, the organization aims to teach the public about the ease of renewable energy use, and to inspire them to take steps to lower their reliance on fossil fuels.
Atelier 21 is a laboratory of public utility in the field of energy transition. Atelier 21 aims to:


Co-founder, designer and researcher: Cédric Carles
Co-founder, artist and engineer: Thomas Ortiz
Webmaster, manager of SolarSoundSystem Tel Aviv: Rubens Drahi
Researcher for Paléo-energetique and manager of SolarSoundSystem Marseille: Loïc Rogard
Manager of SolarSoundSystem Hong-Kong: Aymeric Vollant
Manager of SolarSoundSystem Basque Country: Francois Dutron
Manager of SolarSoundSystem Lausanne: Laure Schwarz
Technical support: Horus – for the webradio
Financial support: Schneider Electric Foundation (main sponsor)



Cédric Carles (FR) is a French-Swiss artist and designer. A change-maker and community-creating artist, his work mixes an experimental approach with a tangible eventual reflection on our spatial and climatic environment. His projects go beyond a cult specific to the design of the object, opening up to other disciplines, with a vast field of educational and social innovations. Passionate about energy issues, Cédric Carles, as an artist, transition designer, and also director of Atelier 21 in Paris, develops artistic and ecological interventions in public space.