Sentient Chamber

Living Architecture Systems Group


Located at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C., Sentient Chamber is a free-standing pavilion integrating innovative near-living technologies developed by the Living Architecture Systems Group. Sentient Chamber is composed of a flexible meshwork canopy, housing a network of kinetic mechanisms that use dense arrays of microprocessors and sensors. These interactive systems offer interactions with viewers that include spatially imaged sound, light, and movement mechanisms. A curiosity-based learning algorithm in the software allows the sculpture to be aware of its audience, attempting to learn meaningful behaviors over time. The work explores an architecture capable of handling unstable conditions through artificial intelligence, attempting to offer practical methods for working with our increasingly complex built environment.


Living Architecture Systems Group:
Philip Beesley
Matthew Chan
Rob Gorbet
Mike Hu
Mon Josef
Dana Kulic
Salvador Miranda
Clara Montgomery
Thomas Noussis
Jordan Prosser
Siubhan Taylor

The Living Architecture Systems Group (CA) brings together pioneering international researchers and industry partners in a highly interdisciplinary research cluster dedicated to developing interdisciplinary working methods, innovative technologies, and new critical aesthetics within the emerging field of responsive architecture. Their work examines the integration of living and near-living qualities into our built environment through the interdisciplinary synthesis of technological systems.