Re3 Glass

Faidra Oikonomopoulou & Telesilla Bristogianni


The Re3 Glass project introduces a novel, reversible building system comprising dry‐assembled, interlocking cast components out of waste glass. Despite the common notion that glass is 100% recyclable, the majority of everyday discarded glass objects are neither reused nor recycled due to recipe mismatching or contamination. Therefore, Re3 Glass explores the redirection of discarded glasses, from Pyrex® trays and artware to mobile phone and computer screens, from the landfill to the building sector. Cavities and notches are introduced to the design, to achieve lightweight yet strong components. Interlocking shapes allow for easy assembly and disassembly, and favor reuse and recyclability. Experiments at the TU Delft Glass Lab with different glass compositions, cooling techniques and geometries have resulted in a wide range of clear, colored, translucent opaque or marbled glass elements that can be used to form circular, robust, and aesthetically intriguing cast glass structures. In this manner, the project explores the great potential of cast waste glass in the architectural realm, escaping the prevailing two-dimensional and transparent character of the material in the built environment.


Project initiators: Faidra Oikonomopoulou and Telesilla Bristogianni for Delft University of Technology
Design and laboratory work assistance: Lida Barou, Tommaso Venturini, Rong Yu
Material science advisor: Fred Veer
Research funding: 4TU.Bouw Lighthouse Grant
Material support (waste glass): Vlakglas, Maltha Glass Recycling Group, AGC, Sibelco, Coolrec, Leerdam, Schott, Cricursa

Dr. Faidra Oikonomopoulou (GR) & Telesilla Bristogianni (GR), both Architect Engineers (NTUA) and Building Technologists (TU Delft), joined TU Delft in 2014 as researchers focusing on structural applications of cast glass. They were deeply involved in the research and development of the Crystal Houses façade (NL), for which they received multiple awards. Through this project they discovered the architectural potential of cast glass and the involved engineering challenges. This is when they conceived the Re3 Glass—a project nominated for the New Material Award 2018 and exhibited at prestigious design exhibitions.