Impression of the Ars Electronica Festival

Ars Electronica Festival

The Ars Electronica Festival 2017 will take place from September 7-11 in Linz, Austria. The festival is staged at a variety of locations throughout the inner city—classic artistic and cultural venues, streets, squares and parks, and even shopping malls, schools, churches or mothballed factory grounds. And no less diverse than the locations were the productions on the festival’s program. Exhibitions and presentations, conferences and panel discussions, workshops, concerts, screenings, performances and interventions make up a jam-packed lineup of fascinating events. The STARTS recipients will be showcased at several of them!

Impression of the Ars Electronica Gala

Prix Ars Electronica Gala

At the Prix Ars Electronica Gala on September 8, 2017, not only the Golden Nica prizewinners of the Prix Ars Electronica will be singled out for recognition; the STARTS recipients will also be publically honored.

Impression of the Cyberarts exhibition

STARTS Prize Exhibition

A selection of the most outstanding projects submitted for prize consideration to the STARTS Prize will be presented at the Ars Electronica Festival.

Impression of the STARTS forum

STARTS Prize Forum

But attention isn’t focused only on the prizewinning projects; Ars Electronica’s spotlight also shines on the people who produced them.

At the STARTS Prize Forum 2017 (September 9, 2017), the STARTS Prize – Grand Prize winners will have an opportunity to elaborate on their approach and point of view, their methodology and the results they have achieved with it.

At the STARTS Prize Talks I (September 7, 2017) and at the STARTS Prize Talks II (September 10, 2017) the STARTS Prize – Honorary Mentions and Nominations winners will have an opportunity to elaborate on their approach and point of view, their methodology and the results they’ve achieved with it.


BOZAR Electronic Art Festival BEAF

Immediately after the Ars Electronica Festival, the Best of STARTS Prize 2017 travels to Brussels where it will be on display in conjunction with the BOZAR Electronic Art Festival BEAF (September 14-30, 2017). The BEAF has made a name for itself with a broad spectrum of activities dedicated to contemporary art and culture. It’s a setting for intensive encounters with exceptional work in the field of digital culture. The festival encompasses electronic music, installations, artistic performances, film & video screenings, workshops and discussions. It’s a don’t-miss event for fans of digital art.

Ars Electronica in Berlin

From July 21 – October 26, 2017, the exhibition Ars Electronica in Berlin at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in addition to taking a curatorial approach to mediating visitors’ confrontations with the theme of encounter in general, endeavors to present state-of-the-art processes and prototypes in the exhibition context, and also to continue accounts on six subjects—You & Me, Reflection, Transformation, Extension, Simulation and Trust—in terms that add depth to these narratives. Accordingly, on the tables and built-in monitors, you will find selected documentation of those works that were submitted for 2017 STARTS Prize consideration and, above all, display particularly high potential for innovation and creativity at the nexus of science and art, technology and industry.

STARTS – The Role of Art in Innovation processes

The STARTS Prize is part of the STARTS initiative of the European Commission that encourages synergies between the arts and industry to support innovation for technology and society. On October 11, 2017 the STARTS projects VERTIGO, WEAR Sustain and STARTS Prize will give together with artists insights into their work at THE ARTS+ festival within the Frankfurt Book Fair.

STARTS Talks #1

The first edition of STARTS Talks takes place on October 18, 2017 at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin with presentations and contributions by Garnet Hertz (Disobedient Electronics, Critical Making), Kristoffer Gansing (transmediale), Heinrich Eisele (Design Strategie VOLKSWAGEN GROUP) and STARTS Prize nominee Philippe Bertrand (BeAnotherLab).

In this edition of the STARTS Talks the focus is on how the critical perspectives of the arts can inspire new directions in socially responsible transformation. The setting of the STARTS talk is included into the exhibition of Ars Electronica Linz that is currently on display at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum.

STARTS Talks #2

This second edition of STARTS Talks takes place on October 26, 2017 at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven with presentations and contributions by Frank Kolkman.

In this edition of the STARTS Talks the focus is on artistic research and the relevance for industry and science. We will discuss the added value of collaborations between art, science, technology and business from different perspectives. How do these collaborations work and when is it a success?

Past presentations

DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

In the framework of the collaborative exhibition between Volkswagen and Ars Electronica from July 1 to August 27, 2016 at the DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum Berlin, Ars Electronica presented a selection of the STARTS Prize Winners 2016 in the exhibition “Human Factor – Endless Prototyping” to 170.000 visitors.

Science Agora Japan

Ars Electronica presented selected winners of the STARTS Prize 2016 during Science Agora from November 3rd-November 5th 2016 in the form of presentations and talks in Japan.