Submission process

Considering the interdisciplinary approach, Ars Electronica is launching the S+T+ARTS Prize with a dual approach for submissions:

  • Submission via open call: The S+T+ARTS Prize aims to showcase and celebrate visions and achievements at the interface between innovation and creation—driven by both science/technology and the Arts. The submission is open to all forms of artistic work and all types of technological and scientific research and development. The extended submission deadline is March 11, 2024.
  • Recommendations through international advisors: 15 international advisors who have reputation and credibility in the field will recommend projects and help to encourage wider ranges of participants as well as a geographical and gender balance. These recommended projects will be contacted by the organizers and asked to submit their project via the submission platform. So the same process and deadlines will be applied as for the open submissions. The international advisors serve as facilitators to identify relevant works and projects during the submission process. However, they will not be part of the jury meeting and therefore will not have voting rights.

Nomination process

  • Nominations from the nomination committee: All submissions will be judged by a nomination committee in the order of their arrival. The nomination committee will select up to 30 projects to nominate for prize consideration by the jury. These projects will be published by Ars Electronica.
  • Nominations through the juries of the Prix Ars Electronica categories: Since the main categories of the Prix Ars Electronica have an explicit focus on art and technology, the submissions that are entered in these categories fit very precisely to the criteria of the S+T+ARTS Prize. Projects submitted to a Prix Ars Electronica category can therefore also be considered for the S+T+ARTS Prize. The jury will nominate a number of projects per Prix Ars Electronica category.

Jury process

  • All nominations will be judged by a jury to decide on the two prize-winning projects and up to ten honorary mentions. The jury consists of four to six international jury members from the fields of business, science and the arts. In addition to the works entered by participants, each jury member may also nominate other works. The jury decision is final.