2020 Nominations

Nominations 2021

Face Lab

A series of projects exploring the outer limits of how we use our face as an interpreter of our environment—or for the surroundings to find out what is going on in our minds.

An Olfactory Biopolitics Nairobi

An Olfactory Biopolitics Nairobi spans the Netherlands to Kenya, linking these geopolitical locations through the thread of scent. The interaction of scent in public space became a means to examine hidden power structures of inequality, using the case study of my home country, Kenya.

The Cleanroom Paradox

Dismantling the deceptively pristine image of the high-tech industry The Cleanroom Paradox unveils the systemic suppression of information on occupational and toxic hazards at semiconductor production sites.


Theirtube is an open-source web service that provides a look into how videos are recommended on other people's YouTube.


Plant Neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso and artist Thijs Biersteker created an artwork that uncovers the invisible tree-to-tree communication in real time to start a conversation about the effects of climate change.


MycoMythologies is a series researching how fungal ontologies could help humans think, learn, and practice multispecies survival through practices of inclusion and caring.


Lovewear is smart underwear that helps people of all abilities to self-explore and enhance their own intimacy and sexuality.

In a Small Room

In a Small Room focuses on two social issues, the first being the problem of poor living conditions in modern metropolitan areas. The second issue is the dazzling advertising designed to inspire in potential consumers the wish to buy a service.

The [Uncertain] Four Seasons

In 2019 we set about reflecting the effects of global warming to date in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, using historical data to inform a musical system that transposed climate changes upon the original score.

So far the Skies are silent.

What happens if artificial intelligences try to find an answer to one of the oldest mysteries of mankind?

Glacier's Lament

Glaciers are sentinels of climate change. This series of works embodies the stunning beauty, rapid change, fragility, and magnificence of glaciers.

In Event of Moon Disaster

In Event of Moon Disaster illustrates the possibilities of deepfake technologies by reimagining the moon landing.


The Para-optic 8 project offers a visual experience that literally reproduces the idea of vision through fingers.

Silencing The Virus

Silencing The Virus is an immersive Sci Art installation that mixes a virtual virus environment with performance, science, ecology, and digital arts.

Shapes and Ladders: Battles of Bias and Bureaucracy

Shapes and Ladders is a video game that shows how systemic racism and sexism can exist through the metaphor of climbing a career ladder.

Genetics Gym

The Genetics Gym is an ongoing research project, depicting a calculated fiction of modified bodies, edited with hypothetical new and emerging genetic technologies, allowing in-depth exploration to question how the internet is affecting human behavior.

Extendable Ears

While living with friends, I realized ‘noise’ is subjective: what’s music for me may torture others.

Constructing Connectivity

Constructing Connectivity is a person-centered stroke rehabilitation method that addresses the need to quicken and improve recovery, motivate the patient, and provide connection to support systems.