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Waag Society

Waag Society: “Keep questioning what you do”

Collaboration among science, technology and art is urgently needed! Marleen Stikker and Lucas Evers of the Waag Society talk about these three fields’ commonalities and, shortly before the entry deadline, address a last-chance call to motivate artists, engineers and scientists to submit their transdisciplinary projects for 2017 STARTS Prize consideration.

Paul Dujardin

Paul Dujardin: “We need interdisciplinary teams”

In this interview, the artistic director of the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) discusses the artist’s role in this day and age, notes that art also emerges beyond the confines of picture frames, and points out how important it is for disciplines to interconnect.


STARTS Prize 2017: When Art Enters Other Spheres

In what ways do science, technology and art overlap? What is innovation? And which technological developments will be successful over the long run? Gerfried Stocker, artistic director of Ars Electronica, and Veronika Liebl, STARTS project manager, discussed these topics with us.


Presenting: The Alchemists of Our Time

The theme of the 2016 Ars Electronica Festival is RADICAL ATOMS – and the alchemists of our time. But who are these people, actually? In the theme exhibition, you’ll find out all about the artists, scientists, activists and entrepreneurs whose unorthodox approaches and inspiring projects are bound to make an impact on our future. In so-called Artist Labs, 12 of them are each presenting several of their works. Learn what awaits you here.


2016 STARTS Prize: Art as Catalyst

The first STARTS Prize competition was conducted by Ars Electronica on behalf of the European Commission this year. The mission: recognizing excellence at the nexus of science, technology and art. Here’s an overview of the winners as well as a few very interesting runners-up and nominees.


STARTS Prize to “Artificial Skins and Bones”

The Artificial Skins and Bones project seminar conducted by Prof. Mika Satomi and Prof. Wolf Jeschonnek is one of this year’s two recipients of a STARTS Prize awarded by the European Commission. Here’s a briefing on the Berlin Weißensee School of Art and work being done there.


STARTS Prize: New Prospects Are Emerging

What’s this very generously endowed competition all about, and what’s the European Commission’s take on the increasing digitization of our world? We recently had a chance to chat with the initiator of the STARTS program, Ralph Dum.

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