Credits: Erlu Ni, Songnan Guo, Shuyi Fan, Ziyao Lin


Erlu Ni (CN), Songnan Guo (CN), Shuyi Fan (CN), Ziyao Lin (CN)


Zooming into our micro-level surroundings, dust is the most common but a rather invisible component. However, it carries a wealth of information from global ecology through atmospheric activity. Through working with atmospheric scientists and based on eco-philosophical research and scientific modeling, we started an art project named Hyper-Dust and decided to search for the Sahara in Beijing.

Credits: Erlu Ni, Songnan Guo, Shuyi Fan, Ziyao Lin

We recorded the whole process of building the climate models, predicting the dust travel route, searching for and finally collecting this dust. Based on what this art project produced, we seek to further analyze the collected dust, revealing how it was formed during its travel through different climate environments. We plan to stage this project in different cities around the world and collect Sahara dust locally. Eventually a thematic exhibition will be organized with additional forms of interdisciplinary cooperation with the scientific community and public education activities. Overall, it will serve as a catalyst to bring together citizens, artists, scientists, universities, and public welfare organizations, in order to build a global activity network and thus achieve the goal of enhancing public awareness of ecological crisis and inspiring people to pay attention to sustainable human development.


Project team: Erlu Ni (CN), Songnan Guo (CN), Shuyi Fan (CN), Ziyao Lin (CN)
Adviser: Song Xiewei, Zhang Xinrong, Fei Jun, Jing Siyang
Cooperative researcher: Xia Yi, Yan MoYang
Exhibition assistance: Li Ruoxuan, Zhang Baiyu
Supporting organizations: Design School of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts),;
Eco-Vision Plan


Erlu Ni (CN) is an interdisciplinary designer/artist and one of the initiators of the Eco Vision Plan. She specializes in comprehensive design and visual design. Now she’s focusing on sustainable development goals, climate crisis, and other social and environmental issues.

Shuyi Fan (CN) is a postgraduate student in Bioart and Design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, and a member of the Eco-Vision Plan. She is working on Bioart, ecological crisis, and system design.

Songnan Guo (CN) is a spatial visual artist and an experience designer as well as a member of the Eco-Vision Project. She focuses on the spatial narrative and specializes in communicating with audiences positively through installation, moving image, and new technologies.

Ziyao Lin (CN) Her work is concerned with humanity and nature, the ethics of technology, women’s rights, and individual psychology. Her creative forms often include digital art, illustration, and installations.