2020 Honorary Mentions

Honorary Mentions 2020


Through three perceptual machines, TransVision questions the habitual ways in which we interpret and understand the visual world intervened by digital media, and how technology mediates the way we perceive reality.

The Wrong

The Wrong was born in 2013 as a collaborative effort to create and promote digital art & culture, launching a global art biennale open to participation, happening both online & offline.

Spoiled Spores

Responding to the housing crisis in Ireland and London, Spoiled Spores is an installation of up to 25 toxic cheeses made with a culture of toxic black mold sampled from rental accommodation in Dublin and London.


SOMEONE is a meditation on the smart home, the tensions between intimacy vs privacy, convenience vs agency, and the role of human labor in the future of automation.


In Sociality, Cirio collected and rated Internet inventions submitted to the U.S. patent office. Subsequently, he invited the public to share, flag, and ban the technologies designed to monitor and manipulate social behaviors.

Prosthetic Memory

Prosthetic Memory is an ongoing experiment in self-augmentation combining handmade journals, daily videos, and a custom AI.

Proposals of Collaboration with the Viral Entities / Tame is to Tame, Virophilia

Proposals of Collaboration with the Viral Entities is a series of endeavours towards finding a balance between our anthropocentric position and our unavoidable encounter of the viral others.

Precious Plastic Universe

The Precious Plastic Universe aims to boost plastic recycling globally by making it more understandable and accessible for everyone.

Perception iO

Perception iO (Input Output) is the future of Law Enforcement. An Artificial Intelligence data set emotionally responsive to the participant and potentially their bias.

c o m p u t e r 1. 0

Full or empty; color or clear; zero or one; under or over – c o m p u t e r 1.0 imagines a display for the future, by looking at displays from our past.