Face Lab

Hakan Lidbo


A series of projects exploring the outer limits of how we use our face as an interpreter of our environment—or for the surroundings to find out what is going on in our minds.

A face analyzing a person’s emotions, pixelating your real face in real life, bringing your digital avatar into the physical world, becoming a musical instrument, a hat that helps you keep 1,5 meter distance to others—or faces that block human senses and replace them with non-human super senses.


Face projects by Håkan Lidbo, assisted by Simone Giertz, Farzaneh Farkish, Tiziano Leonardi, Sven Olsson, Magnus Frenning, and Mikael Sjosten.

Håkan Lidbo (SE) Following a career in electronic music with more than 350 records released, Hakan Lidbo explores new ideas within interactive art, music, robotics, games, urban planning, and design fiction. He is also the founder of Rumtiden Idea Lab in Stockholm Sweden.