Crowdcrafting is a crowdsourcing, citizen science or microtasking platform developed by Scifabric and powered by PYBOSSA our open source technology, where researchers or citizens can create a research project in a matter of minutes without having to develop a single line of code, since we provide the templates and tools that will help them kick start a project in minutes, replicating the scientific method. Crowdcrafting was born at a hackathon in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011. In partnership with our key collaborators, such as CERN, United Nations (UNITAR), and the University of Geneva, we have reached out to and inspired many people to get involved in research.


Scifabric is a Spanish – UK based company that develops technologies for the creation of platforms to collect, analyze, and enrich data. These international research projects explore the use of crowd-based methodologies. We have already developed humanitarian works, collaborated in the research against cancer, recovered a huge collection of archaeological findings, studied light pollution or how gravity interacts with antimatter, to name a few of the possibilities that our platform offers. All these projects are developed with our PYBOSSA technology, and all the data is open and available to anyone.;

Founder & CEO: Daniel Lombraña
Marketing & Content: Clara Sánchez-Puga
Senior Developer: Marvin Reimer
UX/UI Designers: Álvaro Suarez Pérez, Jorge Correa
Business Development: Mar Ramis
Communications: James Doherty