Code of Conscience

Code of Conscience


The Code of Conscience is open source software that restricts the use of heavy-duty vehicles in protected land areas. The code uses open source mapping data from the United Nations’ World Database on Protected Areas in conjunction with on-vehicle GPS tracking technology to autonomously restrict deforestation crews from entering protected zones. A small, low-cost chip has been developed to equip the code into older, non-GPS models. The software is available for free on

An invitation comprising the Code of Conscience chip embedded in a wooden sculpture of an endangered animal was sent to the CEOs of the world’s top ten construction equipment manufacturers, urging them to adopt the code for all new machines leaving their factories.


AKQA: Tim Devine, Hugo Veiga, Pedro Araújo, Daniel Kalil, Adam Grant, Gerard Mason, Dr Jaehyun Shin
Tekt Industries: AU Matthew Adams

With support from: AKQA, Nordic Semiconductor, Tekt Industries, Popoke by Eduardo Castanheira and Natália Rocha, Horda, Hefty, Underdogs, Webcore, Arizona, La Carretera, The End, Prodigo

Code of Conscience. Launched in the second half of 2019 the Code of Conscience is a collective of designers, engineers, industrial, and governmental partners, led by Tim Devine, Hugo Vega, and Adam Grant.