MBc02 – Uncovering the hidden impact of the internet

Dutch artist Thijs Biersteker has developed a machine that shows the emissions associated with everyday online activities from video chats and emails to trading NFTs as visible puffs of CO2.

Urban Data Forest

Urban Data Forest reimagines the city as a site of data storage in plants and trees. It explores the possibility of how DNA data storage technology could transform urban spaces, bringing nature and data back to the city.


The project TRACEWASTE observes and visualizes garbage movements from a citizen’s perspective to explore future urban life in the context of waste management. It tracks discarded objects using geolocation methods, providing insights into waste whereabouts, transport durations, distances, and emissions. IoT devices (0G) in a low power wide area network track various types of waste across Italy, with a special focus on textiles and plastics.

Transient – Impermanent Paintings

Transient is an audiovisual concert for two motorized pianos and video projections by Quayola and Andrea Santicchia aka SETA. A real-time improvisation in which the artists collaborate with complex algorithms in order to generate compositions of a delicate anthropic and technological balance. The custom software simultaneously generates sound and images, creating perfectly synchronized synesthetic alliterations.

The More The Better (Two Truths and a Lie)

The More The Better (Two Truths and a Lie) is a multimedia installation exploring the relationship between foreign languages and trustworthiness. The work consists of 100 videos in the 100 most prevalent languages on the internet, looping on used devices and hanging from a single metal structure.

The Living Dead: On the Trail of Female (2022)

No longer existing in the wild, ‘Encephalartos woodii’ is one of the rarest and most endangered plants on Earth. One male specimen was found in 1895 in the Ngoye Forest, South Africa. It was removed from the wild and its offsets have been propagated in botanical gardens worldwide. However, these specimens are all clones of the original male. Numerous expeditions have sought to find another specimen, specifically a female, to bring ‘Encephalartos woodii’ back from the brink of extinction, but so far without success.

The Glacier Trilogy

The Glacier Trilogy is an immersive artwork investigating glaciers as the starting point of fluvial systems and the future of water in climate crisis. A product of advanced computational technologies (such as generative adversarial networks, atmospheric sensors or realtime ice-fluid simulation for 8K) combined with sculpture materials and human creativity, The Glacier Trilogy stimulates an emotional engagement of its audience.

The (m)Otherhood of Meep (the bat translator)

The (m)Otherhood of Meep (the bat translator) is an AI interpreter for grey-headed flying foxes, drawing from scientific research on flying fox vocalizations to interpret their voices into poetic form in real-time. It aims to evoke an interspecies bridge between species at the center of human/wildlife conflicts.

Not allowed for algorithmic audiences

A big number of audiences online nowadays is mainly algorithms. Algorithms are trained on the auditory information that is produced and uploaded by humans. In Not allowed for algorithmic audiences, a digital assistant situated in an Athenian apartment exhibits an odd behavior.

Critical Climate Machine

Critical Climate Machine is a project that quantifies and reveals the mechanisms of misinformation on global warming. The project consists of a data sculpture and a sound installation. The sculpture analyzes myths about climate change, using natural language processing. Its software monitors and debunks false arguments originating from Twitter.