Wastelands is a playful, yet serious biological art project exploring speculative fiction scenarios and current bioengineering practices applying methanogenic bacteria, archaea and bacteriophage to regu-late methane production through anaerobic degradation.


PatentPandas.org is a resource built to explain (scary!) patent law using (not-scary!) panda comics. The website has three core parts: Resources, Stories, Get Help.

Meandering River

Meandering River is an audiovisual art installation comprised of real-time visuals and music composed by an A.I. through machine learning. The piece reinterprets the shifting behavior of rivers in the landscape, regarded from a bird’s eye view.

Journey on the Tongue

Journey on the Tongue is a totally new taste and sound installation which invites you on a spectacular multi-sensory journey. Realized by the three artists Ayako Suwa, the pursuer of “Expressive food,” sound artist Evala, the founder of “See by Your Ears,” and media artist Yasuaki Kakehi, who explores new haptic experiences.


The more frequent and more comprehensive studies are being conducted, the more accurate predictions can be made about the future. These predictions directly influence political, economic, and social decision-making processes on a global scale.

Voice of Nature

Using the real time data coming from a living tree in order to talk about the urgency of climate change, Voice of Nature aims to provoke a new relationship with nature surrounding us.

SoundShirt 2.0

The SoundShirt brings music to life in a way that it can be felt physically, live, in real time, on the body, in a tactile language unique to each piece of music being performed, opening new and diverse ways of enjoying music for the audience.

Stop-Motion VR

With Stop-Motion VR, the project team uses Stop-Motion Animation to transport one of the oldest and most traditional methods of film production into the interactive world of virtual reality.

Stone Web – Expanding Space

In Stone Web, Basalt is transformed into a light, stable modular system that can be used for small scale applications such as furnishing or combined to create large, spatial structures or urban furniture.


SPACE WASTE LAB is the multi-year living lab with the European Space Agency and Studio Roosegaarde to capture space waste and upcycle it into sustainable products.