Ambient Weaving

Honorary Mention In its pursuit of beauty for over 1,200 years, with its distinctive structures and design, HOSOO’s Nishijin textiles have a rich history of pushing innovation by incorporating technology. This research project named Ambient Weaving aims to complement this by experimenting with the use of Nishijin textile as a medium for representing characteristics […]

A sun architecture – The party is in full swing

Honorary Mention Switching on a device today is an automatic, almost magical gesture. To rethink this relationship to energy, we sought to make concrete the effort necessary for its production. And to raise a political question: if energy is limited, what do we decide to use it for? The challenge is twofold: to raise […]


Honorary Mention A year-long quest on keeping the combustion engine alive in a fossil free future and celebrating the power and agency that DIY culture brings. Why depend on big corporations and their promises to save the world when you can do it yourself? The Slootmotor is the one vehicle that truly delivers an […]

The Plant Intelligence Plan

Honorary Mention With ecological relationships as the breakthrough point and based on plant intelligence research, the Plant Intelligence Plan recognizes the initiative and rights of plants. The plan uses biotechnology tools and materials to restore the ecological relationship between commercially bred crops and animals, which human beings have alienated. Ecological Art often discusses and thinks […]

The Exploded View Beyond Building

Honorary Mention The Exploded View Beyond Building (TEV BB) is an iconic exhibition in the form of a full-size house that is made entirely of biobased materials, circular construction methods, and stories about the changing value chain of which it is part. It showcases over 100 biobased materials. Our goal was to show what […]

Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001

Honorary Mention Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 is part of the multimedia project Mikromedas. Mikromedas is a data-driven music project in which the compositions produced use data stemming from space, deep space, and astrophysical simulation models. Unique systems and innovations in using astrophysical data and models as new tools for artistic creation were designed to realize […]

Inanimate Species

Honorary Mention In 1971, a group of international engineers designed the first commercial microprocessor in history, Intel 4004. This event marked a decisive moment in recent history, as for the first time it was possible to translate intelligence to an inanimate object, which opened a new era in technological development and the emergence of […]

Digital Violence: How the NSO Group Enables State Terror

Honorary Mention This project maps the use of the malware Pegasus, developed by the Israeli cyber-weapons company NSO Group, against activists, journalists, and human rights defenders worldwide. To elucidate the extent of its reach and impact, we produced a navigable digital platform, video investigations recounting the stories of individuals targeted with Pegasus, a sonic […]

Cleaning Emotional Data

Honorary Mention Cleaning Emotional Data is a three channel video installation that addresses new forms of precarious labor emerging within artificial intelligence economies. Specifically, it focuses on the global infrastructure of microworkers who “clean” data to train emotion-recognition algorithms. These workers label, categorize, annotate, and validate large amounts of data, thereby enabling AI to […]

Avatar Robot Cafe DAWN ver.β

Honorary Mention Besides developing OriHime and OriHime-D, which users regardless of age, gender, or disability can remotely operate, Ory Lab has created the Dawn Avatar Robot Café, where users work and visit via robots. Users can seek employment via the company’s Avatar Guild staffing agency, thus remaining active in society. The goal […]