The Institute of Isolation

The Institute of Isolation is an observational documentary that contemplates whether isolation; or more broadly speaking, extreme experience, can be used as a gateway to training human resilience.

Shadertoy enables artists, programmers, technical artists, and professors from all over the world to create visuals with code, and then share their work while learning from other creators.

Printed Paper Actuator

Printed Paper Actuator is the project that achieves a low cost, reversible and electrical actuation and sensing method. This method that requires simple and easy fabrication steps enables our paper actuator to achieve different types of motion and even various electrical sensing abilities: touch sensing, slider, and self-bending-angle detection.


phosphere is an exploratory harmonization of two distinct spaces—a dance stage and an installation component—into one performative spatial whole.

Making Sense – Citizen Sensing Toolkit

Making Sense was designed to show how open-source software, open-source hardware, digital maker practices and open-source design could be used effectively by local communities to appropriate their own sensing tools to make sense of their environments, and address environmental problems, mainly in air pollution, noise and nuclear radiation.


FluidSolids® is an innovation that makes it possible to transform organic waste into biocomposites. A technology platform designed for the circular economy.

Fennec Turbine

The Fennec Turbine is a state of the art and technology compact wind turbine with low noise, high safety, and long use. The heart of the technology is a unique hyperboloidal rotor which provides the lowest noise and vibrations.


ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! is a project where retired consumer electronics are resuscitated as instruments, new ways to play music are invented, and all kinds of people are invited to be orchestrated with the artist and musician Ei Wada.

BLITAB – the innovative tablet for the blind

BLITAB® is the world’s first tactile tablet for blind and partially sighted people. It is the first ever Braille tablet using an innovative actuating technology to create tactile text and graphics in real time. The invention is the ‘smart tactile technology’ that can be used also in various products and smart body applications.

489 Years

489 Years shows an animated landscape of the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, based on the narration of a former soldier who had entered the DMZ¬–one of the most dangerous and heavily armed places in the world.