Credit: Joo Young Kim

Alone Together

Anna Anderegg, Swan Park, Marco Barotti, Sara Kim


Alone Together is a performative piece and a film, by Swiss choreographer Anna Anderegg. It was premiered at the Gwangju Biennale in April 2021. The work was created with a team of artists from Europe and South Korea.

For 30 years, we have seen the Internet gradually seeping into every corner of our lives. Most of us are constantly in touch with our fellow human beings on multiple analogue and digital levels. We have accepted that our attention, time, and personal data are the currency for online participation. But what does it mean for a society to be in a constant fragmented state of consciousness? How do our bodies evolve and endure in a state of physical isolation and permanent digital connection? What does it do to us when we are all almost permanently absent—in digital worlds?

Alone Together investigates the narcotic distraction with technology, consumerism, and celebrity culture. While the eyes of the performers linger through the digital windows on the happenings of the world, the viewers watch their disconnected bodies as they stare at their screens and gradually transform into hybrid living sculptures serving and glorifying the technological devices.


Choreography & Performance: Anna Anderegg
Cinematography; Swan Park
Sound Design: Marco Barotti
Architectural Elements & Space Design: Diagonal Thoughts, Sara Kim
Performance: Seung Yoon Choi, Laureline Richard, Ixchel Mendoza Hernandez
Dramaturgy: Johanna Hilari
Lighting Design; Our Labour – Chunghyung Lee, Chung Kihoon
Costume Design: Antoniya Ivanova
Text: Pauline Doutreluingne
Hyperlapse & Animation: Wael Toubaji
Visual Segments: Milica Slacanin
Production Management: Jisoo Gook
Management: Nadine Becker

Gwangju Biennale, Kunsthaus Pasquart, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), Eunam Museum of Art, Bildstörung POISON GmbH

With support from:
Swiss Embassy to the Republic of Korea, Swiss Fund Korea, ARKO (Korean Arts Council), ProHelvetia, Lufthansa, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation


Anna Anderegg (CH) is a Swiss choreographer. In her work she explores the interdependence of the human body and its habitat.

Swan Park (KR) is a cinematographer working between Seoul and Tokyo. He is interested in exploring perspectives of urban landscapes.

Marco Barotti (IT) is a Berlin based media artist. He creates kinetic sound sculptures that deal with environmental and social issues.

Sara Kim (KR) is the founder and principal architect at Diagonal Thoughts, an architecture studio based in Seoul.